Weekly Plans

Weekly Plan for 5/22-5/26

ClassworkMan and Society
Catherine the Great
European Monarchs
Enlightenment and the Colonies
Review - KahootTestNo School - Memorial Weekend
HomeworkStudy for TestStudy for TestStudy for Test

Weekly Plan for 5/15-5/19

ClassworkEnlightenment Unit Organizer

World Trade Faire
Enlightenment NotesBLOCK Period 3, 5, 1
Reading Notes 35
Enlightenment and It's Roots
BLOCK Period 6, 2, 4
Reading Notes 35
Enlightenment and Its Roots
Whose Ideas Influenced This?
HomeworkChapter 17 Section 1Chapter 17 Section 2Chapter 17 Section 3Chapter 17 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 5/08-5/12

ClassworkHypothesizing About the Mystery of the MayaReading Notes 27
Timeline Challenge 6
Review Sheet
HomeworkAnchor Essay due tonight
Study for Test
Study for Test
Study for Test
Study for Test

Weekly Plan for 5/01-5/05

ClassworkReading Notes 26Life Under Inca RulePeer Edit Rough Draft

HomeworkAnchor Essay - Rough Draft

Anchor Essay-Rough Draft

Anchor Essay

Anchor Essay


Weekly Plan for 4/24-4/28

ClassworkMaya, Inca, Aztec ChartReading Notes 25BLOCK: Period 3, 5, 1
Inca Notes
Inca Achievements
BLOCK: Period 6, 2, 4
Inca Notes
Inca Achievements
Conquest of Inca and Aztec
HomeworkAnchor Essay - Documents

Anchor Essay

Anchor Essay

Anchor Essay


Weekly Plan for 4/17-4/21

ClassworkReading Notes 24Aztec NotesAztec QuestionsAztec Illustrated JournalsMontezuma and Cortez
HomeworkChapter 15 Section 1Chapter 15 Section 2Chapter 15 Section 3Chapter 15 Section 4

Weekly Plan for 4/10-4/14

ClassworkMaya, Inca, Aztec Unit OrganizerMaya NotesReading Notes 23Maya QuestionsPopul Vuh
HomeworkMapChapter 14 Section 1Chapter 14 Section 2Chapter 14 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 3/27-3/31

ClassworkExplorer Group Project Presentations

Sunken Ship
Colombian ExchangeCulture Model/SPICE
Review Sheet
HomeworkStudy for Test
Machiavelli Summary (due Friday on turnitin)
Study for Test
Machiavelli Summary (due Friday on turnitin)
Study for Test
Machiavelli Summary (due Friday on turnitin)
Study for Test
Machiavelli Summary (due Friday on turnitin)

Weekly Plan for 3/20-3/24

ClassworkExplorer Group ProjectReading Notes 33

Geography Challenge
Peer Edit Machiavelli SummaryExplorer Project - Work DayExplorer Presentations
HomeworkChapter 16 Section 1Chapter 16 Section 2Chapter 16 Section 3Explorer Project

Weekly Plan for 3/13-3/17

ClassworkScientific Revolution and the Age of Exploration Unit OrganizerReading Notes 34Scientific Revolution NotesCharting Scientific BreakthroughsMachiavelli Summary
HomeworkColonies MapChapter 13 Section 1Chapter 13 Section 2Chapter 13 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 3/06-3/10

ClassworkReformation MapImpact of Reformation
Review Sheet
HomeworkStudy for TestStudy for TestStudy for TestStudy for Test

Weekly Plan for 2/27-3/03

ClassworkReading Notes 29Classical/ Medieval/Renaissance ArtMartin LutherProtestant ReligionsRenaissance Ball
HomeworkChapter 11 Section 3Chapter 12 Section 1Chapter 12 Section 2Chapter 12 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 2/13-2/17

ClassworkCoat of Arms PresentationsJeopardyReview SheetFeudal Europe TestStaff Development - No School
HomeworkStudy for Test

Chapter 10 Section 5
Study for TestStudy for Test

Weekly Plan for 2/06-2/10

ClassworkKnight and Samurai Mini QReading Notes 4Gothic CathedralUnderstanding Black DeathReading Notes 5
HomeworkChapter 10 Section 1Chapter 10 Section 2Chapter 10 Section 3Chapter 10 Section 4

Weekly Plan for 1/30-2/03

ClassworkCoat of ArmsExperiencing FeudalismReading Notes 3Role of the Church NotesEurope v. Japan
Samurai v. Knight
HomeworkCoat of Arms (due Monday 2/13)

Chapter 9 Section 1
Chapter 9 Section 2Chapter 9 Section 3Chapter 9 Section 4

Weekly Plan for 1/16-1/20

ClassworkNo School - MLK Jr. Day
Geography Challenge

I Can Review
Kabuki Presentations in MPRKabuki Presentations in MPR

HomeworkStudy for Test/KabukiStudy for Test/Kabuki
Study For Test
Study for Test

Weekly Plan for 1/09-1/13

ClassworkKabuki Drama

Reading Notes 20Chinese Influence on JapanPrince Shotoku - ConstitutionReading Notes 21
HomeworkChapter 8 Section 3

Kabuki Drama
Kabuki DramaKabuki Drama
Kabuki Drama

Weekly Plan for 1/02-1/06

ClassworkNo School - New Years Day Observance

Japan Unit OrganizerJapan NotesJapan Notes
Classes Under the Shogan
Kabuki Drama
HomeworkJapan MapChapter 8 Section 1
Chapter 8 Section 2

Weekly Plan for 12/12-12/16

ClassworkChinese Achievements

Voyages of Zheng HeS.P.I.C.E. Chart
Review Sheet
JeopardyChina Test
HomeworkChina Book

Study for Test
China Book

Study for Test
China Book

Study for Test
China Book

Study for Test
NHD Rough Draft #2 Due

Weekly Plan for 12/05-12/09

ClassworkReading Notes 17

Geography Challenge

Trade and CommerceChallenges of Imperial RuleChina Book - Work Day
HomeworkChapter 7 Section 4

China Book
China BookChina Book
China Book

Weekly Plan for 11/28-12/02

ClassworkChina Unit Organizer

China Lecture NotesChina Lecture Notes

Writing Chinese Characters
3 Ways of ThoughtReading Notes 16-17
HomeworkChina Map
Chapter 7 Section 1Chapter 7 Section 2
Chapter 7 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 11/14-11/18

ClassworkMural Presentations

Mural Presentations

Mali as a Site of Encounter
West Africa ReviewJeopardyAfrica Test Part 1
HomeworkStudy for Test
Study for TestStudy for Test
Study for Test

Weekly Plan for 11/07-11/11

ClassworkReading Notes 15

Mali as a Site of EncounterLibrary - Database Research for NHDMali as a Site of EncounterNo School - Veterans Day
HomeworkChapter 6 Section 1

Mural (due 11/14)
Chapter 6 Section 2

Mural (due 11/14)
Chapter 6 Section 3

Mural (due 11/14)
Chapter 6 Section 4

Mural (due 11/14)

Weekly Plan for 10/31-11/04

ClassworkMinimum Day

Africa Lecture Notes

Minimum Day

Africa Mural
Mansa MusaReading Notes 14Gold and Salt Trade
HomeworkChapter 5 Section 2
Mural (due 11/14)Mural (due 11/14)
Mural (due 11/14)
Mural (due 11/14)

Weekly Plan for 10/24-10/28

ClassworkIslam Essay

Africa Unit Organizer

Peer Edit Organizer

Reading Notes 12
Super Late Start 10:30

West Africa Lecture Notes
Super Late Start 10:30

West Africa Lecture Notes

Peer Edit Full Essay
Gold and Salt Trade
HomeworkAfrica Map

Islam Essay (due 10/30)
Chapter 5 Section 1

Islam Essay (due 10/30)
Rough Draft due tomorrow

Islam Essay (due 10/30)
Chapter 5 Section 2

Islam Essay (due 10/30)
Islam Essay (due 10/30)

Weekly Plan for 10/17-10/21

ClassworkExpansion of the Islamic Empire

Ibn Battuta: Muslim WorldSPICE Chart
I Can
JeopardyIslam Test
HomeworkIslam Essay (due 10/30)

Study for Test
Islam Essay (due 10/30)

Study for Test
Islam Essay (due 10/30)

Study for Test
Islam Essay (due 10/30)

Study for Test
Islam Essay (due 10/30)

Weekly Plan for 10/10-10/14

ClassworkNo School - Staff Development Geography Challenge

Muslim Accomplishment Chart
Islam Essay
Graphic Organizer
Peer Edit - Islam Essay

Qur'an and Hadith
Peer Edit - Islam Essay

Qur'an and Hadith
HomeworkIslam Essay (due 10/24)Islam Essay (due 10/24)Islam Essay (due 10/24)

Weekly Plan for 10/03-10/07

ClassworkIslamic Empire NotesIslam Mini QMuslim EmpiresReading Notes 9Contributions of the Muslim World
HomeworkChapter 4 Section 1

Arabian Peninsula Circle Book (due 10/11)
Chapter 4 Section 2

Arabian Peninsula Circle Book (due 10/11)
Chapter 4 Section 3

Arabian Peninsula Circle Book (due 10/11)
Arabian Peninsula Circle Book (due 10/11)Arabian Peninsula Circle Book (due 10/11)

Weekly Plan for 9/26-9/30

ClassworkIslamic Empire Unit OrganizerReading Notes 8Religion Pretest
Religion Chart
Fact Sheet: 2 BranchesCircle Book
HomeworkIslam MapChapter 3 Section 1Chapter 3 Section 2Chapter 3 Section 3

Weekly Plan for 9/19-9/23

ClassworkIntroduce NHD

Rome Eulogy
Byzantine Mini QSPICE Chart
I Can
JeopardyRome Test
HomeworkStudy for TestStudy for TestStudy for TestStudy for TestGraphic Essay (due 9/26)

Weekly Plan for 9/12-9/16

ClassworkRoman AdvancementsExploring Rome's FallGraphic EssayReading Notes 6Traders and Invaders
HomeworkChapter 2 Section 3Fall of RomeGraphic EssayGraphic EssayGraphic Essay (due 9/26)

Weekly Plan for 9/05-9/09

ClassworkNo School - Labor DayRome Unit OrganizerRome Reading NotesRome to HomeRome Lecture Notes
HomeworkRome MapChapter 2 Section 1Chapter 2 Section 2

Weekly Plan for 8/29-9/02

Note taking
Where in the WorldWhere in the WorldSOAPS Tone
Thinking Like a Historian
HomeworkTake notes on Chapter 1 Section 1Take notes Chapter 1 Section 2

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  1. Siddharth Konkimalla says:

    Hi Mr. Millers, are you still going to post material or information on your old website, or did you delete it?

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  3. Michael Cheng says:

    Mr Millers,
    What is the Samurai Vs. Knight Double Bubble? Did you explain it in class on Monday already?

  4. Raveena says:

    Mr. Millers, I really like the new website!

  5. Siddharth says:

    Hi Mr. Millers, I have a question about the website. Are you going to like enhance your table of contents, or is it always going to be in like a sentence?

  6. ??? says:

    mr millers today in vows of silence was fun! although the music was a little freaky…

  7. Matt Mansonhing says:

    Mr. Millers is Jeopardy 5 points this time or 10 because there is two chapters?

  8. Wow nice website it’s almost like mine

  9. Parsa says:

    hey mr. millers, i know that many people have said this question, but WILL YOU POST THE DIRECTION PACKET FOR THE COAT OF ARMS PROJECT.

  10. Tanya Chalik says:

    Mr. Millers,
    What format will the Europe Test be?

  11. Mr. Millers did you post the link to the jeopardy?

  12. Kayla Constandse says:

    If someone was absent, how would they be able to get the:
    1) Unit Organizer
    2) Map
    Would you rather they do it the day after or get it photocopied from a friend/classmate?

  13. Siddharth says:

    When are we going to be assigned the journal?

  14. Siddharth says:

    Oh… will we have time to work on it tomorrow?

  15. Snytsheuvel says:

    Hey MR. MILLERS do you have the Europe Unit Organizer link or something i need to add it to my notebook.

  16. Jason Venezia says:

    Mr milllers, will you be posting the da vinci diaries rubric?

  17. Tony chen says:

    Mr millers,

    do you know when the da vinci diary will be due?

  18. Jason Venezia says:

    What is the protestant religions?

  19. risha! says:

    mr millers!!!

    you’re website is super cool. i like how i can leave a comment:) why couldn’t you do this earlier-.-
    i warned you about my sister. so there.
    p.s. thanks for making history so easy this year. me and justine are glad we went through all the pain you made us go through.

  20. Cody Strohl says:

    Hi Mr. Millers! I like this commenting idea thing you’ve implemented. Really wish we had this when I was in middle school, but awesome nonetheless πŸ™‚

  21. Tara Shankar says:

    Hi Mr. Millers!
    From what I’ve heard from my sister, history seems pretty easy this year. History in 9th grade is a breeze after your class. Make their lives a little harder! Leena doesn’t seem to be working enough πŸ™‚

  22. your favorite student says:

    hi mr. millers! this is your favorite student (SOM) from last year! i just wanted to say that your class was really helpful this year. if you think the seventh grade guys are bad, you should see the ninth grade guys….

    oh and to all the seventh graders that see this and think mr. millers is hard, one day you will thank him!

    from sonali (and risha)

  23. Sofia franco says:

    Hey Mr. Millers! Your new website is amazing. Thank you so much for being an awesome teacher and making history so easy for us this year! It was definitely worth all the hard work. Hope the new sevis arent too annoying!
    thanks again!

  24. Adam Lambert. says:

    I like the website. too bad theres no good pictures of Adam on it.

    • Mr. Millers says:

      Sagarika you are too funny. Sorry but there will never be any pictures of Lambert.

      • risha! says:

        oh…i just emailed cody asking if he was adam lambert. whoops….
        mr. millers, you’re such a hater. adam lambert is pure amazingness.
        you should make a page dedicated to all your old students. πŸ™‚

  25. Kavi S. says:

    hello mr. millers

    i like your new website. I heard that you have another student named Kavi this year…

    thank you very much for the hard tests last year. its giving me an easy A in honors now !!!

    • Mr. Millers says:

      Yes I do have another student with your name but he pronounces it differently so it ook me awhile to say his name correctly. I am glad to hear that your history class this year is going so well.

      • your REAL favorite student says:

        Hi Mr. Millers,

        Nice new website! I wish we had had this…

        History is so much easier this year thanks to you, especially the India unit which Arjun and I are doing well in.

  26. Justine Po says:

    hi mr. millers!
    risha told me about your super gangsta new website. LQTM. i’m in my high-school history class right now with risha, yash gupta, cody, joanna, and dalton.


    anyways, thanks for being so hard on us, now humanities is way easy! I got a 99% in history last semester.

    also, i will be visiting your class sometime before the end of this school year. are you still in the portables? O_o

    byee! πŸ˜€

    • Mr. Millers says:

      PO PO! I am so glad to hear that you are doing well! See it was all worth it. No I am not in the portables anymore. I am now in B 5. Can not wait to see you.

  27. I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

  28. Tony chen says:

    wow… suddenly theres a bunch of high schoolers saying hi on your website

    • 5 13 says:

      I know.
      they sound like cool people
      i wonder if they know joseph jang?
      mr.millers says that i act like him………..

  29. Parsa says:


  30. Tara Renduchintala says:

    Mr. Millers for the Explorer Project, do we have to have a bibliography?

  31. Parsa Asachi says:

    Hey mr millers, I was absent today so wats the machiavelle summary and when is it due? Thanks

  32. Rachel Lee says:

    Hi Mr. Millers.
    Do you know what the format for this Friday’s Scientific and Age of Exploration test is going to be?
    Thank you.

  33. Patrick Henry says:

    Give me liberty, or give me death!

  34. Nathan Hale says:

    I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.

  35. John Adams says:

    Fear is the foundation of most governments.

  36. Aurora says:

    Are we going to have a study guide for the Maya, Inca, Aztec test?

  37. anusha rao says:

    will you be posting the jeopardy?

  38. Kavi Mathur says:

    For the enlightenment and final history tests, what will the format be? Also, do you know what will be covered on the finals test.

  39. Tara Renduchintala says:

    Hey Mr. Millers,
    Could you post the reading for understanding questions?

  40. rhea says:

    what are we going to do for the next two weeks since the enlightenment chapter was the last chapter in the book?

    • Mr. Millers says:

      The week of June 6 you will be completing your end of the year project, oral presentations start on Wednesday, and then your final is on monday June 13.

  41. rhea says:

    also, when are we supposed to turn in our history textbooks?

  42. rhea says:

    what is the final going to cover? Is it going to be just on what we learned in history this year, or last year to?

  43. Anonymous says:

    is there a good way to study the final without the textbook?

  44. Anonymous says:

    how long do the descriptions have to be for the costumes in world trade fair?

  45. Namrata says:

    What should we have in the group folders other than the descriptions?

  46. rhea says:

    where are all the jeopardy questions? I only found the renessaince and reformation one but I am trying to study for the final but I can’t find any of them

  47. Sabrina says:

    will all of ur and the school’s lost and found stuff still be there at the beginning of 8th grade?

  48. anonymous says:

    mr millers, in our paragraphs, are we allowed to use first person writing to persuade other people?

  49. Michael Ni says:

    What is the K Chart? Is it the what-you-know about this chapter chart? Thanks!

  50. Jacob Park says:

    Is the make-up test for Colonial Americal test tomorrow?

  51. Kevin Chen says:

    Since I’ve been absent, what is the Historical Court Case? Is there anything I can do at home?

  52. Jacob says:

    Can I make up the test before school on Friday or Monday? I have to complete my worksheets with a TCI book.

  53. tony c says:

    do you have an eta for when the test will be passed back? or do you not know yet?

  54. Jacob says:

    Can I take the test on next Monday after school? I have to take math make-up test after school tomorrow. If not, what time should I make up the test tomorrow? Also, if I am taking the test tomorrow, can I turn in the packet on next Monday? I forgot to borrow a TCI book.

  55. Courtney says:

    I was going to do section 5 today and in the text book it only goes up to chapter 3 section 4

  56. Jacob says:

    Can I take the test before/after school tomorrow?

  57. Steven Van Zandt says:

    Do you know what the test format will be this friday?

  58. Namrata says:

    For the speech, should it be only one page in length or can it be longer?
    And also, should it be in MLA format?

  59. Stan says:

    How much time do we have to present our speeches?

  60. Namrata says:

    For the comic book, does it have to be funny?

  61. John Cha says:

    For NHD websites, do we have to use Weebly?

  62. Steven Van Zandt says:

    Do you happen know what the test format will be this friday?

  63. Namrata says:

    For the unit organizer, did we fill out the unit schedule or the unit self-test questions?

  64. Elise Hughes says:

    Can you post the Geography Challenge Questions? Thank you.

  65. Namrata says:

    Do you know what the format is going to be for the “Leading to the civil war” test? Thanks

  66. Anonymous says:

    is the cause of the civil war study guide due tomorrow?

  67. Tanya Chalik says:

    Mr. Millers,
    if the court case is on Wednesday, when will the attorneys have time to interview the witnesses?
    Thank You

  68. Michael Cheng says:

    What are the Industrial Revolution tasks? I was absent on 5/21/2012 so I need to make it up.

  69. Iris Xing says:

    Hi Mr. Millers!
    My brother didn’t get you this year! He got Turner. But, are you still after school all the time? I might be able to stop by sometime? πŸ™‚


    • Mr. Millers says:

      Iris it is good to hear from you. I am upset that I did not get your brother. I am at school most days. If you know when you are going to come by I will make sure I stay. How is Troy going?

      • Iris Xing says:

        Oh so for history, I take Non-Western Cultures IB which is like honors except for international bachelorette. And, it’s soo much easier than your class. Practically everything my teacher says is on the test and I’m really glad that I went through all the time in 7th and 8th grade. Oh, and at the end of our freshmen year, we have to make a video on a topic we study, and I was like wow! NHD! But so far, it’s going really good at Troy. I’ll let you know when I come by!


    • haleyyyyy says:

      whos your brother?

  70. Namrata Pujara says:

    Hey Mr. Millers!
    Anusha, Ellie, and I stopped by your classroom on Friday, but Mrs. Ralston told us you were in Hawaii. By the way, UCLA beat USC today! haha well we’ll stop by again sometime soon πŸ™‚

  71. Chloe Boulard says:

    For the processing 18 that we got today, are we going to go over it tomorrow?

  72. Chloe B. says:

    For the map, which St. Louis is it? There are like 5 of them.

  73. Says says:

    When is the review sheet due?

  74. Kausalya K. says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    Is it true that we need to send you the Noodle Tools project? If so, what is the Assignment Drop Box name that I need to share it with?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  75. Chloe B. says:

    Is the map due tomorrow?

  76. Bethany H. says:

    There is no Chapter 5 Section 3 or 4. Do we do chapter 6 section 1 instead?


    It is official – the 2016 theme is Exploration, Exchange, Encounter.

    Good luck everyone!


  78. Kevin Moon says:

    Will you be posting the lectures online this year? Thank You

  79. Ian Nguyen says:

    For the Islam Essay rough draft, do we need to have the works sighted part tomorrow?

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