Table of Contents

America as a World Power
1. 5/08 America as a World Power Unit Organizer
2. 5/08 Reading Notes 24
3. 5/08 Chapter 17 Notes
4. 5/10 Chinese Exclusion
5. 5/15 Reading Notes 26
6. 5/15 Chapter 18 Notes
7. 5/17 Cultures in Conflict: Immigrant Life
8. 5/18 Immigration Political Cartoons
9. 5/21 Note Making Ch. 25
10. 5/22 Progressive Thinkers
11. 5/22 Chapter 19 Notes
12. 5/24 Spanish-American War
13. 5/24 Philippine-American War
14. 5/25 Declaration of Sentiments
15. 5/25 Anti-Suffragists
16. 5/29 Settlement House
17. 5/29 Political Bosses
18. 5/29 Child Labor
19. 5/29 Booker T. Washington v. W.E.B. Du Bois
20. 5/29 Chapter 20 Notes
21. 5/30 Jacob Riis: Social Darwinism
22. 5/30 America As a World Power Review

Leading to the Civil War
1. 2/13 Leading to Civil War Unit Organizer
2. 2/13 Map
3. 2/14 Reading Notes 19
4. 2/14 Chapter 11 Notes
5. 2/15 N/S Chart – Features
6. 2/15 Geography Challenge
7. 2/21 Irish Immigrants
8. 2/21 Chapter 12 Notes
9. 2/22 Multiple Perspectives on Slavery
10. 2/23 Nat Turner
11. 2/26 Chapter 13 Notes
12. 2/27 Reading Notes 20
13. 2/28 Spiritual Slave Songs
14. 3/01 Conflicts and Compromises
15. 3/05 Slavery Map
16. 3/05 House Divided
17. 3/05 Chapter 14 Notes
18. 3/06 Fugitive Slave Act
19. 3/06 Dred Scott
20. 3/07 N/S Flow Charts
21. 3/08 Uncle Tom’s Cabin
22. 3/08 Story of US -Episode 4
23. 3/12 Conflict and Compromise Review
24. 3/13 Virginia Secession
25. 3/13 What Do You Know About the Civil War
26. 3/14 Review Sheet

New Republic
1. 1/08 New Republic Unit Organizer
2. 1/08 Map
3. 1/09 Reading Notes 12
4. 1/09 Chapter 7 Notes
5. 1/10 Jefferson’s Presidency
6. 1/11 Louisiana Purchase
7. 1/12 Lewis and Clark
8. 1/17 War of 1812
9. 1/17 Chapter 8 Notes
10. 1/18 Reading Notes 13
11. 1/19 Political Developments
12. 1/23 Jackson Questions
13. 1/24 Reading Notes 14
14. 1/24 Chapter 9 Notes
15. 1/30 Chapter 10 Notes
16. 2/01 Reading Notes 15
17. 2/02 Manifest Destiny
18. 2/05 Reading Notes 16
19. 2/06 Manifest Destiny Map
20. 2/07 New Republic Review

Chapter 6 (All Digital – Should be shared in one folder with your name and Ch. 6)
Each file name should include the number and full description
1. 11/28 Building a More Perfect Union
2. 12/01 Forgotten Presidents of Congress
3. 12/04 Strict v. Loose Construction
4. 12/04 Chapter 6 Notes
5. 12/05 Washington Notes
6. 12/06 Hamilton v. Jefferson (including Cabinet Battle # 1)
7. 12/07 Washington’s Farewell Address
8. 12/12 Constitution and Tyranny
9. 12/13 Reading Notes 11
10. 12/13 Adams Notes
11. 12/18 Early Foreign Policy
12. 12/19 Washington’s Precedents
13. 12/19 The Story of the 4th of July
14. 12/20 Review Sheet

Launching the Nation
1. 10/23 Launching the Nation Unit Organizer
2. 10/23 Constitutional IQ
3. 10/24 Reading Notes 8
4. 10/24 Chapter 4 Notes
5. 10/25 Analyzing the Articles of Confederation
6. 10/26 Problems with the Articles of Confederation
7. 11/01 Origins of the Constitution
8. 11/02 Reading Notes 9
9. 11/03 Constitutional Convention Questions
10. 11/06 Shay’s Rebellion
11. 11/06 Chapter 5 Notes
12. 11/07 Northwest Ordinance
13. 11/08 Slavery and the Constitution
14. 11/09 Federalist and Anti-Federalist
15. 11/13 Bill of Rights
16. 11/14 Constitution Mini Q
17. 11/15 Constitution: Stuff you Should Know
18. 11/15 Interpreting the Bill of Rights
19. 11/16 Review Sheet
20. 11/17 Constitution Matrix

American Revolution
1. 9/25 American Revolution Unit Organizer
2. 9/25 Map
3. 9/26 Reading Notes 6
4. 9/26 Chapter 3 Notes
5. 9/27 Common Sense
6. 10/02 Examining Declaration of Independence
7. 10/05 Loyalists
8. 10/06 Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
9. 10/10 Continental Congress
10. 10/11 Battle of Lexington
11. 10/13 Revolution Battles
12. 10/16 Reading Notes 7
13. 10/16 13 Things About the Revolution
14. 10/18 Lecture Notes with Discussion
15. 10/18 Review Sheet

Colonial America
1. 8/31 Colonial America Unit Organizer
2. 8/31 13 Colonies Map
3. 9/01 Colonial Kids
4. 9/05 Puritans
5. 9/05 Call to Freedom (56-61)
6. 9/07 Great Awakening
7. 9/07 Passenger Lists
8. 9/08 Colonial Chart
9. 9/11 Colonial Notes (Brochure)
10. 9/11 Chapter 2 Notes
11. 9/12 Jamestown Mini Q
12. 9/13 King Philip
13. 9/14 Understanding Colonial Unrest
14. 9/15 Colonial Governments
15. 9/18 Eyewitness Book
16. 9/18 Colonial Society Lecture Notes
17. 9/20 Colonial America Review

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  1. Siddharth says:

    Thank you Mr. Millers…

  2. Clare Zhu says:

    Thanks! This’ll make it much easier to organize notebooks (especially for impatient people like me).

  3. Bailey Beck says:

    Where’s the table of contents for the last notebook Check I have all the papers i just need the order

  4. Stephanie Chang says:

    Thanks Mr. Millers! This will help a lot! πŸ™‚

  5. Annabel Lee says:

    Hr Mr. Millers!
    Just wanted to check but isn’t #53 Reading Notes Chapter 12?

  6. mr. millers, can you make the table of contents the same way you did on the old website?

  7. mr millers for the table of contents, do you mean reading check chapter 12, since you wrote reading check chapter 11 twice

  8. Hannah Kim says:

    Mr. Millers,
    Is the Renaissance Ball just the chart we had to fill out, or should we add the article of the person too?

  9. Michael Cheng says:

    Thanks for upgrading the table of contents but, I forgot where 51. 2/25 Protestant Religions
    52. 2/28 The Spread of Protestantism Notes in my notebook are. Can I ask what it is again because I forgot?

  10. Steven Shen says:

    What’s the indulgences assignment on number 54 for the notebook check?

  11. Tanya Chalik says:

    Hey Mr. Millers,
    What is #54 indulgences?

  12. Siddharth says:

    Hi, so for the indulgences* on the table of contents do you mean the quiz?

  13. Raimy Jamal says:

    uh what was the indulgence paper again

  14. Vivian Gao says:

    For number 50. Indulgences, I think Period 6 didn’t get the quiz back to put in the notebook.

  15. Ashley Kim says:

    Mr. Millers, I don’t think you passed back #50, Indulgences to period 6.
    I would appreciate it if you would check and let me know before tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  16. Jordan says:

    Do we need the paper with the description of our person with the renaissance ball stuff? Thanks.

  17. Sam J. says:

    I like the new TOC. It is a lot easier to read. Thx….

  18. mr millers, when are you going to update the table of contents to ch. 13 and 16?

  19. anusha rao says:

    is it ok if you filled up the page for your table of contents and stapled a continuation over it?

  20. For the CHOMP assignment, it is just our draft, right?

  21. Courtney Wong says:

    Mr Millers i turned my writing in late to Mrs.Ralston and never got it back what do i do?

  22. Raimy Jamal says:

    what is the exploration table? and chomp thing?

    • Mr. Millers says:

      The exploration table is the sheet you used to take notes during the power point presentation. The CHOMP activity was the sample article on the Age of Exploration.

  23. Jordan says:

    Mr Millers,
    Our summary assignment got stamped on Wednesday, yet it is not in the Table of Contents. Should we include it in our notebook?

  24. Steven Van Zandt says:

    What are the Scientific Revolution Lecture Notes and the Charting Scientific Breakthroughs

    • Mr. Millers says:

      The lecture notes are the notes we took in class. The Scientific Breakthroughs is the chart that you needed to add the cards to from idea through lasting impact.

  25. Javier Sanchez-Navarro says:

    mr millers, how many maps are there for the inca aztec and maya unit so far?
    because i have one that says latin america:the indian cultures, and another one that says map of the classic maya world

  26. Kat says:

    can u please update the table of contents?

  27. Marisol Chandler says:

    for number 20 it also says 22 is that a typo or something?

  28. 5 13 says:

    So for the “Notes and Sketches About Aztec Daily Life” doesn’t need to be in our notebook?
    or is it with the journel writing…

  29. anusha rao says:

    which is the notes and sketches about aztec daily life? i can’t find that on the table of contents. (the one where we completed the drawings and took notes from the packet)

  30. Ronald Reagan says:

    Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.

  31. the AMAZING shukla :) says:

    when are you going to update the table of contents again… because I really need to get my nb organized again!
    by the way.. when you asked if the OTHER suck up shukla to come to open house she said, ” i’ll consider it but its not one of my top priorities.. but i would really rather not..”

  32. rhea says:

    i’m still confused.. is this updated because the most recent ones are from 4/27…..

  33. Jodi Wei says:

    Where is the ‘Notes and Sketches about Aztec Daily Life’ on the GATE table of contents?

  34. Hamdy Masri says:

    Did you put the Notes and Sketches about aztec daily life. I can’t find it!

  35. Namrata says:

    What number is the “Map of the Class Maya World”?

  36. Raimy Jamal is amaziinngg says:

    what are the aztec book questions and mystery of maya??????????????

  37. Raimy Jamal is amaziinngg says:

    what was #30 and 31 non gate ????

    • Mr. Millers says:

      They are activities we completed in class. You need to do a better job of attaching sheets into your notebook as they are completed and not wait until the last minute to try and attach all of your sheets.

  38. Scott M says:

    Where do the Aztec Packet Questions go?

  39. Stephen Lu says:

    Hey Mr.Millers is it possible you could put on documents of the classwork we have done just like on your old website. So when we click on them a document of the classwork pops up?

  40. Tanya Chalik says:

    Mr. Millers,
    I know the videos we watched are # 37 and # 38 but would the culture model be, # 39?
    Also, what is # 20. Solving the Mystery of the Maya?
    Could you also post the jeopardy, it really helps me study

  41. Ian Nguyen says:

    What is life under Inca Rule

  42. dominic avendano says:

    what is the popul voh activity number 21

  43. dominic avendano says:

    do we have to put the section notes in the note book

  44. Steven Van Zandt says:

    What is the life under Inca rule?

    • Mr. Millers says:

      It was the experimental activity that we did in class where there was a Sapa Inca, governors, chosen women and local leaders. There was six questions that you answered after the activity.

  45. jake says:

    where do we put ch.2?

  46. Stan says:

    Do we have to put it in out notebook, or can we just staple/paperclip them into a packet type thing?

  47. Ben Allen says:

    Does the notebook have to be the same format as last year?

  48. Tanya Chalik says:

    what is the colonial journal and colonial societies?

  49. Deepi says:

    What are the Chapter 1: Early Exploration and Settlement Section Notes? Should we have those?

  50. tony c says:

    mr millers, what are the last three documents? Are they the notes we took on placards around the room, and are they the notes on the presentations?

  51. John Cha says:

    For my first table of contents, I didn’t use a notebook and used a folder instead, but starting from table of contents 2 can I use a notebook?

  52. John Cha says:

    when will you post the 2nd table of contents?

  53. Mr. Millers, do the ch. 3 notes go before the court case questions?

  54. Monica says:

    Is the table of contents available for the current unit? I just got my notebook organized for the colonial unit and I had a problem here or there matching up the papers with what the TOC item # said. I want to keep this unit organized as we go.

  55. T says:

    Could you tell me what we had to do the Reading Notes 6? I don’t think I have it..

    • Mr. Millers says:

      Reading Notes 6 is just like the other Reading Notes, you need to explain how each event led to the ties being broken between the Colonies and Britain. You do not need to complete the sketches.

  56. tony c says:

    mr millers, im not exactly sure what the questions are.

  57. brandt aicher says:

    for GATE for chapter 3 did we have to do 3-3
    i dont remember someone coming around and stamping it

  58. John Cha says:

    does “matrix for analyzing features of the Articles of Confederation” (11/4) go with the paragraph we wrote in class on the same day?

  59. Meera Swaminath says:

    Hello Mr. Millers,
    Does every assignment from the beginning of the year be in the TOC that we hand in to you on Friday, or can it start from Launching a New Nation? Thank you for your help.



  60. Namrata says:

    Mr. Millers what is the 3 branches chart?

  61. Kevin Chen says:

    Where does the Matrix for Constitution Answers go?

  62. Nicole says:

    Where does the preview 12 go in the toc?

  63. Tanya Chalik says:

    Were do we put the notes that we took on Second Bank, Jacksonian Democracy, Muculloch v. Maryland, and Indain Removal. Also what is #10 Jacksonian Democracy Notes?

  64. Francis Zhao :) says:

    do gate and nongate have the same table of contents?

  65. Jacob Heller says:

    Is there only 13 pages for the reconstruction notebook?

  66. Raimy Jamal. says:

    was the eyewitness book the 3 interesting facts?

  67. Michael Ni says:

    Hi Mr. Millers, what is the Reconstruction Activity 3/26? Thanks! πŸ˜€

  68. Question says:

    What should we do with the “Glory-Activity Four” page

  69. Michael Ni says:

    What is the “cultures in conflict” assignment? Thanks!

  70. Kavi Mathur says:

    Do the table of contents still need to be updated , because I believe it is still missing Holt notes chapter 20, and reading notes chapters 27 and 28. Please notify me if I am wrong

  71. Francis Zhao :) says:

    the Growing America last item “progressive thinkers” i the same thing as reading notes 27 right? And is the Social Darwinism packets with the picture analysis in this INB as well? If so which item is it? Also. what does Progressing Towards Industrialism notes look like?

    Francis Zhao per.6

  72. Jodi Wei says:

    Hi Mr. Millers, are the #6 and #10 entries (Experiencing the Assembly Line, Assembly Line Questions) the same thing? If they aren’t, what is the Experiencing the Assembly Line assignment?

  73. Rachel says:

    Hi Mr. Millers. What is 6. Experiencing the Assembly Line?
    Thank you πŸ™‚

  74. Namrata says:

    For #6 (experiencing the assembly line) what is that?

  75. HwaMin says:

    do we include the rome eulogy in the table of contents?

  76. the u says:

    okay this works!

  77. Noelle C. says:

    How should I put together the notes if they are in a notebook?

  78. Annabelle Chang says:

    Since I didn’t do the first notes, in the table of contents, do I not include it?

  79. Celina Guan says:

    what is exploring rome’s fall?

  80. Sena Takashima says:

    I have my rome timeline rough draft and the study guide in between the Exploring Rome’s Fall paper and the Eulogy.
    Is that okay?

  81. Crystal Leung says:

    Do we staple everything together, even when it is stapled individuality already?

  82. Matthew Son says:

    What are Rome Reading Notes?

  83. Jeannie Visarutanun says:

    For chapter 1 notes was it okay if it wasn’t in Cornell note taking method?

  84. Noelle C. says:

    Does the table of contents page go in the back or the front of the papers?

  85. Crystal says:

    Do we staple everything together?

  86. Young Bo shim says:

    What’s the Rome reading notes?

  87. Jeannie Visarutanun says:

    Can we paper clip the papers?

  88. Noelle C. says:

    Where should the table of contents go?

  89. Caleb romua says:

    What is the traders and invaders sheet?

  90. Kausalya K. says:

    since my lecture notes are in a journal, can I just keep it in the side flap of the binder that I am using for my notebook?
    Will this me considered out of order in the future(I know the order of this one doesn’t matter)?
    Thank You!

  91. Noelle C. says:

    Can I turn in the chapter 1-2 notes together and put the other papers in order (without the notes) in front of the notebook?

  92. Matthew Son says:

    Do the short answers need to be a paragraph (okay, maybe it’s a stupid question)

  93. Matthew Son says:

    Will the test also be graded on spelling? Because I had a hard time spelling some places and names.

  94. Sena Takashima says:

    On the test, if I get asked about the 10 theories, do I have to list them out, or can I just stay the ten theories?

  95. Sena Takashima says:

    What is the Form and Function of the Mosque?

  96. Bad Katie says:

    So now if they’re not in order you’re going to take points off, right?

  97. Sena Takashima says:

    Is the Table of Content complete for the Islamic Empire?

  98. Big Luis says:

    How long do the essays have to be?

  99. Irene F says:

    What about the Revie Sheet for the Islam Empire packet?

  100. What is Chapter 3 Notes, the rise of Islam?

  101. Sean K says:

    when is this due?

  102. Sean K says:

    when is the islam packet going to be due?

  103. Callie A. says:

    What is the Islamic Achievements Page?

  104. Nitya Parthasarathy says:

    what is 19 The European World: Muhammad and a New Faith

  105. jerry xu says:

    I don’t have some of these papers what do I do

  106. Jessica Shieh says:

    What is the Islam Advancement Advertisement?

  107. Chloe R says:

    What are the mural notes?

  108. Sena Takashima says:

    Is the table of content for Africa complete?

  109. Nicole Alvarez says:

    What is the West African Empires Chart?

  110. Aaron Kim says:

    What is the West African Empires Chart?

  111. Kate says:

    All of my chapter 5 and 6 notes are together on a page…how should I separate them?

  112. dancingangel_17 says:

    What is the classes under the shogunate?

  113. swimmer**29 says:

    Are you going to update the table of content for Japan?

  114. Anna Oh says:

    So, the Japan Table of Contents that is posted on right now (the one with 7 assignments) is the final, updated, and correct one, right?

  115. Jason Period 4 says:

    I do not have reading notes 21 and 22

  116. dancingangel_17 says:

    Will we have time to work on the Reading Notes and Processing 18 in class tomorrow?
    For the processing 18 paper, do I just write the paragraph, write the invention in English and Chinese, draw, and color?

    • Mr. Millers says:

      No you will not be working on this in class. For Processing all you do is write the English and then one or two sentences why you think these are the most important achievements.

  117. nitya says:

    whaT IS Trade and Commerce

  118. nitya says:

    SRRY I MEANT challenges of Imperial Rule

  119. 98 says:

    For #9 3 ways of thought is that the buddhism, confucianism, and daoism quote page?

  120. blablabla says:

    For the chapter ten notes, how many sections should there be, because I do not recall doing notes for sections 4 and 5. So is it just 1-3, or am I missing an assignment.

  121. blablabla says:

    What is the experiencing Feudalism? Is it the one with questions about the activity in which the serfs had to tie themselves to the land?

  122. swimmer1* says:

    Is the Feudal Europe table of content complete?

  123. Sebastian Hong says:

    What is the Renaissance Ball for the Renaissance/Reformation Table of Contents? We turned that in on the day it was due.

  124. Nila Mohan says:

    Where do the Spread of Protestantism lecture notes go?

  125. Justin Pyne says:

    If i was absent during an assignment (Science Olympiad) then should I write absent at the top since I didn’t get a stamp?

  126. Nitya says:

    Is that all for the Scientific…. There is no culture model, map of sunken ship, Age of exploration, and etc
    Also what is lesson notes 34

  127. Sena says:

    Is the table of content complete?

  128. roobyn says:

    Is the table of contents for the scientific revolution/age of exploration fully updated? It doesnt say to put a review sheet…

  129. Irene Fu says:

    Mr. Millers, is the Table of Contents for the Scientific Revolution and Age of Exploration updated yet? There are still lots of papers that is not listed.

  130. Chloe B. says:

    ummm is it just me or is the TOC for this unit not updated completely? sorry…

  131. Callie Arcand says:

    When will the table of contents be updated?

  132. Some Guy says:

    On the table of contents, for #14 Aztec and Inca Conquest by the Spanish, would it be “Two Perspectives on the Conquest” worksheet or “Analyzing the Spanish Conquest of the Inca/Aztec”?

  133. Bailey Beck says:

    hi mr millers ! (:

  134. gibmaerd says:

    Are you going to post the Enlightenment table of content?

  135. Justin Pyne says:

    What were the Reading for Understanding questions?

  136. Sena Takashima says:

    Where does the Understanding Colonial Societies go?

  137. David Kim says:

    Mr millers, I wasn’t in Gate last year, I can’t remember when the Presidential Essay is due. I thought you said it was due on the Oct. 14th. But my parents said we don’t have school that day. I’m confused.

  138. Alesh says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    I’m just wondering if we are supposed to have a cover sheet on top of the packet that says Alesh P., Period 5, etc.

  139. Alesh says:

    Also, are we supposed to include a Table of Contents?

  140. Anna Chalik says:

    Where do we put the Physiographic Map of the United States/ the map that we had to label thingsthat were written on a seperat sheet of paper. And where would we put the worksheet titled the Enlightenment thinkers where we checked of different thinkers ?

  141. Jason Period 3 says:

    Was #8 or #9 Lecture Notes for this unit. Thx in Advance

  142. Jason Period 3 says:

    Actually never mind, I found the Puritan Lessons please ignore my comments.

  143. #yoloswg says:

    Is the Table of content complete for the American revolution?

  144. Sena Takashima says:

    We don’t include the map, Activity notes 6, and the Declaration of Independence, right?

  145. . says:

    Which ones are the Battle of Lexington and the Loyalist Lesson?

  146. Jacquelin C says:

    Is the Loyalist Lesson the Graphic Organizer for Documents A and B?

  147. Kausalya says:

    For the Battle of Lexington activity, I know it has the picture activity, but it also includes the questions we had to do for a primary source that day, correct?

  148. Kausalya says:

    also, is that all we need for the toc, because I recall doing way more than that in class, and we normally turn in everything, plus aren’t the notebooks out of fifty points??? will this one be out of 45???

  149. Justin Pyne says:

    What was the Common Sense worksheet?

  150. Priyash Jain says:

    Hi Mr.Millers,
    Where does the map go in the notebook?

  151. Rebecca says:

    Mr. Millers, do we include the American Revolution Map, the Declaration of Independence Questions, and Activity Notes 6 in our notebook?

  152. Gracay says:

    ur costume was too funny today Mr. Millers!

  153. Amenda Lee says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    What is the Revolution Battles again ?

  154. Priyash Jain says:

    Hi Mr Millers,
    I did not get the updated version of the notebook a few days ago. Can I add the stuff that was in the updated version? Sorry I am posting this again but I lost the response to the first post.

  155. a person says:

    What is the constitution questions page? and the three branches?

  156. Amy says:

    What paper is the three branches?

  157. Kausalya K. says:

    Hi Mr. Millers
    What exactly were the three branches and the Constitutions pages? Was one of them the one where we answered questions from around the room?

  158. Someone says:

    Do we need the Matrix for Constitution Answers for Nongate?

  159. Unfinished Worksheets says:

    What happens if we didn’t have time to finish the worksheets in our packet?

  160. Constitutional Convention Notes says:

    What were the constitutional convention notes??

  161. Priyash Jain says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    Does the comic book have to be in color?

  162. I have a question... says:

    Do we need a TOC for the Ch. 6 Quiz (for GATE)?

  163. I have a question... says:

    Will we only need to know what is in Chapter 6 in the red book to do well on the quiz, aside from the map?

  164. Priyash Jain says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    Is the Review Sheet for this chapter up yet?

  165. :) says:

    Are the worksheets for Formulating a Bill on Offshore Drilling suppose to be included?

  166. Kausalya K. says:

    What were the Adam’s Presidency Notes??? Also, If you were absent for the lecture notes, you still have to get the notes from someone else, correct?

  167. an 8th grader says:

    Will tomorrow’s tutorial be for quiz review, or just a regular tutorial?

  168. Jason says:

    I forgot the requirements for the T. O. C. May you please tell me the new requirements?

  169. Ravi Komirisetty says:

    Hello Mr. Millers,

    Can you post an updated version of the TOC for New Republic? I do not see Reading Notes 16 or the Review Sheet. Please clarify.

  170. A Student says:

    Isn’t #19 for the New Republic Test supposed to be Reading Notes 16 not 15?

  171. Amenda Lee says:

    Hi, what is the paper that we took notes on for our separate expert groups called? (ex; Jacksonian Democracy, 2nd Bank, Mcculloch v. Maryland)

  172. Hello! says:

    I am in nongate and wanted to ask if the New Republic TC was up to date.
    I am missing 1/31 Americans Move West Chart/Rebellions Comparison Chart. I only have Life in the West.
    Also, for 1/30, isnt it reading notes 16? another question is that I have 1/08 Jefferson’s Presidency Notes but I also have Processing 12.
    would you also like the Second Bank of the US notes along with 1/15 Jacksonian Democracy Notes?

    I am 100% I did not lose anything.

  173. Chloe B. says:

    If we were the scriptwriter for the project, do we add that in on the side of the other roles on the Grading Rubric

  174. Inzar Khan says:

    Isn’t the Rome Study Guide supposed to be in the packet too?

  175. Wilson Chen says:

    What is the “8. 9/19 Traders and Invaders” typed on the Table of Contents?

  176. Jamie W. says:

    Will we be doing this in class together last last time or will we be putting together our notebook on our own.

  177. Michael S. says:

    Are the Reading Notes 8 due tomorrow? Also, are the Reading Notes 8 going to be part of the notebook? Thanks.

  178. Akash Vuyyuru says:

    What is the Fact Sheet- 2 Branches?

  179. Zara says:

    Is the Expansion of the Islamic Empire the Graphic Organizer handout from

  180. Alexander Weyers says:

    Mr. Millers, for number 15, you accidently put Ibn Batuta and not Ibn Battuta. At least that’s what I think it is.

  181. Andrew Alvarado says:

    Is #13 “Forms and Functions of a Mosque”, and “Critical Thinking Questions on the Mosque” the same thing or are they different?

  182. Ellen W. says:

    Does the Ibn Batuta page also include the chart with the cities?

  183. Wilson C. says:

    Mr. Millers, number 11 on our table of contents says “Expansion of the Islamic Empire”. Is that the same thing as our “Graphic Organizer-Central Historical Question: How did the Islamic Empire expand”?

  184. Irene Fu says:

    Hi Mr. Millers. Can I come visit your class sometime?

  185. Taeyoon Kim says:

    Mr. Millers, we’re doing the test review on Thursday during tutorial right?

  186. Shivani Pasricha says:

    Will we also need to include the notes we took on the Africa Trading Cities Chart, for the packet?

  187. Alexander Weyers says:

    Mr. Millers? Will I be able to pick up a copy of the Reading Notes 12 because I am pretty sure that I misplaced it so can I go and pick up a copy of the notes and finish it during tutorial or after school?

  188. Wilson C. says:

    Mr. Millers, the “Blog Post: Guiding Questions” is the same thing as “Mansa Musa” on number 12 of the table of contents, right?

  189. anonymous :) says:

    For the test review day at tutorial, you are doing it on tuesday right? if so what do the people going on the science field trip do and plus will you be able to do it on monday instead?

  190. some guy from period 4 says:

    Is the China packet due on Thursday or Friday? Thanks.

  191. some person says:

    I didn’t finish the Voyages of Zheng He packet in class, so how will I complete it? Thanks.

  192. anonymous says:

    What about the challenge geography questions?

  193. Anonymous says:

    Is geography challenge questions in the notebook

  194. Wilson C. says:

    Mr. Millers, is the “Critical-Thinking Questions on Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism” supposed to be in the packet?


    Reposting my question on the china book that was meant for here…. however the table of contents had not been working. How do we turn in the scroll for processing 18?

  196. Amirta Srinivas says:

    Could you please start posting the Europe Table of Contents up here?

  197. Anonymous says:

    For #2 for the Europe TOC, do you mean Europe Map not Europe Test?

  198. Angelina Chen says:

    Is the review sheet supposed to be included for Europe?

  199. Nolan Kim says:

    Is there any geography on the test?

  200. Anonymous says:

    when is the world geogaphy test

  201. Shivani Pasricha says:

    When will you be posting the lecture notes for Inca and Aztec?

  202. Nolan says:

    Is the review sheet needed for tutorial tomorrow and where is the geography part on the review sheet?

  203. Ellen says:

    If you were absent and your table members did not give you the papers, or put the papers in the absent box, what do you do?

  204. Unknown says:

    Where does the “Two Perspectives on the Conquest” worksheet go?

  205. The anonymous says:

    Whats the Aztec Illustrated Journals and Inca Achievements? >.<

  206. Anonymous says:

    Will you be posting the Enlightenment Table of Contents anytime soon?

  207. Mr.Schooder says:

    Wait, the test is worth 50 points and the notebook is only worth 25 points right?

  208. Nolan says:

    Will there be a review sheet for the final?

  209. Anon says:

    How many points will the final be again?

  210. anon says:

    hey mr. millers, i was wondering if you could please put up the TOC. thanks!

  211. Angelina Chen says:

    For the notebook, do we have to include any of the following:
    Learning About the United States,
    The Columbian Exchange,
    or the presentation notes?

  212. Jeneen E. says:

    Is number 10, (mapping the colonies), the sheet where we answered the guiding questions based on the map, or the sheet that says, “Mapping the Physiographic Features of the United States?

  213. Shivani Pasricha says:

    Will you put the lecture notes for The American Revolution?

  214. Mr. D says:

    I was absent for the Lecture Notes and it was supposed to be put up today. Is it going to be put up later today or on Thursday?

  215. Mr. D says:

    What is the “Battles” assignment? It says that that was on the 14th, when I was absent, but the weekly plan doesn’t show that.

  216. Harvey Zhou says:

    Hello Mr. Millers,
    I would love to come visit sometime. Tell me when I can stop by next week.


    • Mr. Millers says:

      Good to hear from you Harvey! You can come whenever works with your schedule. We have parent conferences on monday and Tuesday so it would be better if you waited until after then. Thanks!

  217. AlexanderW says:

    Do we need to write an essay for Washington’s farewell address?

  218. Logan says:

    On hw do you grade on Accuracy or Effort

  219. Alexis says:

    What are the reading notes?

  220. what is The Fall of Rome and is there a copy of it on the website somewhere?

  221. Brinley Chu says:

    Where do you find the order for the notebook due tomorrow? I can’t find it in the Table of Contents like you said it would. Either I really can’t find it or I’m just skimming over this thing and not actually looking for it.

  222. Sumay Kalra says:

    whats the Rome unit organizer

  223. Sondos Elbershawi says:

    What is the Fact Sheet: 2 Branches? Is it a worksheet or something that was completed during class?

  224. Logan Hardison says:

    No spice chart in the packet?

  225. Kanishk Hari says:

    What is the Expansion of Early Islamic Empire worksheet?

  226. what is the Fact Sheet: 2 Branches, and the Qur’an and Hadith

  227. Sondos Elbershawi says:

    What is the Muslim Accomplishment chart?
    – Or Muslim Contributions chart?

  228. Luke Garcia says:

    Are you allowed to resubmit your project outline and the annotated bibliography after it’s due? Thank you.

  229. Nur Q says:

    For Unit Africa, aren’t we supposed to include the Reading notes 15?

  230. Daniel Y. says:

    Is the second part of Mali as a site of encounter the large packet with the questions we split up?

  231. Eric Kim says:

    What about the notes where everyone worked on two sections at a table simultaneously? The notes called “Arab/North African Sources on Ghana and Mali”? The notes that had 8 point something?

  232. Ian N says:

    Is the Gold and Salt trade (video) the same as the Silent Barter in West Africa paper?

  233. Mihir says:

    Do we include the timeline in the packet

  234. What is the West Africa Review Chart??

  235. Eric Huang says:

    For the China Book turnitin do we only turn in one per group?

  236. Brooke says:

    For the Japan packet, what order do we put the geo challenge and the bushido code questions. I am assuming the review goes last in the packet?

  237. Ethan C says:

    do we need the japan review sheet for our packet

    or have you just not finished filling out the list

  238. Luke Garcia says:

    For the Coat of Arms, do you have to go over all of the charges or only a few of them? Thank you in advance.

  239. Mihir Joshi says:

    When will you be able to update the Table of Contents.

  240. Brinley Chu says:

    What are the Middle Ages to Renaissance Notes?

    • Brinley Chu says:

      Oh wait was it the one where we talked about the Black Death and Hundred Years’ War and Trade and Commerce Change Town Life and The Growth of Italian City- States and the Spirit of the Renaissance in kind-of Lecture Note way? If so, then never mind. But thanks anyway! πŸ˜€

  241. Mihir Joshi says:

    For the Graphic Essay, do we need a quote?

  242. Mihir Joshi says:

    not a quote a caption for the picture

  243. Brinley Chu says:

    What is “Revolution Battles”?

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