Hope everyone has a wonderful summer. Attached is the GATE Summer assignment 2011. See everyone in September.

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  1. emily says:

    hi mr. millers, are we allowed to use any internet research/ other biographies to research the population of the country, current transportation, current technological developents, current events, etc.?

  2. Tara Renduchintala says:

    Hey Mr. Millers hope your summer is going well. I was just wondering for the report are we only allowed to use one biography, or can there be multiple biographies.

  3. Namrata says:

    For the third and fourth paragraphs, is 3 traits the minimum amount you can write about?

  4. hi says:

    hey millers
    how long is our biography supposed to be? like the book we have to read. thankss.
    have a great summer!
    hows nhd go? those groups were amazing.

  5. anusha rao says:

    i can’t open the file because its a compressed folder. would you please change it?

  6. Crystal says:

    what does all information have to be cited from the biography, do you have to do a bibliography on it, quote text from the biography….?

  7. katie says:

    do we need a bibliography?

  8. nicole says:

    Hi Mr.Millers. The folder is a zipped file so i cannot open it. Is there any other way you can post it? Thanks

  9. anonymous ;) says:

    how long should our bibliography (like the one we write) be?

  10. T says:

    What does it mean to “cite all the information”?

  11. Question says:

    Will we need to know the states names for the test or will the names be on the paper?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is there a specific length the biography you write should be?

    PS : I mean the one you write, not the one you read!

  13. anonymous says:

    should we include the election in the first paragraph?
    and also, how long should the biography THAT WE WRITE be?

  14. anonymous says:

    Do we have to email the essay to you or will we be turning it in class?

  15. Katie says:

    For paragraph 3, can you write about traits that helped become president instead of what helped him as a president?

  16. Spencer Wing says:

    Does the biography need to be in MLA format?

  17. Anon says:

    Will we give you our paper, or email it?

  18. Anonymous says:

    What if my report is eight pages? :-/

  19. Katie says:

    For the 2nd paragraph, do we have to just talk about America or do we have to talk about the major events around the whole world?

  20. Spencer Wing says:

    Are we allowed to email our biography to you for revision and corrections?

  21. Jason Z. says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    Can we use a trait that provided an advantage and a disadvantage in both the third and fourth paragraphs?

  22. Jodi Wei says:

    For the three best traits, could you use one example that fits for all of the three traits?

  23. Spencer Wing says:

    will we have to do History Day again next year?

  24. Amrit says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    For the summer assignment, is it necessary to cite the biography with inline citations and footnotes? Thanks in advance.

  25. Jordan says:

    Mr Millers,
    Is there anything we need to do for our oral presentations besides the biography we are turning into you? Thanks.

  26. Iris Xing says:

    Mr.MIllers, I sent you a second email.. SORRY but can you edit it for me?

  27. anon says:

    do we need citations?

  28. anon says:

    so we dont need citations of every thing we use in the essay?
    for example. Abraham Lincoln is on the penny. (page 5)

  29. Tony C says:

    Mr. Millers, what if the biography does not adequately cover what fashion, social and musical trends there were? Can i switch books? Or do i have to use what i can?

  30. anonymous says:

    mr millers, for weak traits, do you mean bad traits? And for the strong traits, do you mean good traits or the most visible trait the president has?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where should we put our citation? On a separate page or just at the end?

  32. anon says:

    when is the biography due?

  33. anonymous says:

    Mr. Millers, do we have to have three weak traits on the fourth paragraph?

  34. Anonymous says:

    I have written all other paragraph, but the 2nd one because my biography does not describe the historical era the time when he was president. Only source it has that there are few pictures of people throughout the book. Can I use these to describe what people wore? Can I site this like, “People during the 1900’s wore simple suits and dresses.” (Donald 170) ?

  35. hi says:

    Mr. Millers,
    Do we have to do in text citations or do we just have a bibliography of the one book at the end?

  36. katie says:

    should the last paragraph be in first person?

  37. anon says:

    is 5 and a half pages too much?

  38. Jason Z. says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    What do you mean by ‘Give citations for your reasons’ in the fifth paragraph?

  39. anon says:

    i have like 700 words in my first paragraph is that too much?

  40. Stephanie says:

    Hi Mr. Millers,
    If my biography was published before the majority of Reagan’s presidential term, can I use another book to supplement information for my essay? Thank you!


  41. anonymous says:

    mr millers, can we have a bad trait that manifested in the presidents early years but was corrected later in his life?

  42. Spencer Wing says:

    Will you be handing out a supply list on the first day of school or are we expected to bring them the first day?

  43. Nicole says:

    Do u know if we have to go to ta in the morning first tommorow or is it regular schedule cycle 1?

  44. Anonymous says:

    For the weaknesses of his presidency, may we write about a political mistake he made during his presidency that negatively affected his reputation and presidency instead of writing about a weak characteristic or trait?

  45. Anonymous says:

    After all revisions, my essay is a little over 6 pages. I got rid of small informations and it is still 5 pages. Will this affect my grade? I also have it double spaced , Times New Roman, and 12 font.

  46. katie says:

    Does the bibliography need an annotation?

  47. Samuel James says:

    where is the classwork stuff attached???

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