Islam Essay Packet

The order for the Islam Essay Packet (you do NOT need a Table of Contents):
1. Graphic Organizer
2. Outline
3. Peer Edit – Outline
4. Rough Draft
5. Peer Edit – Rough Draft

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7 Responses to Islam Essay Packet

  1. Ian N says:

    When is this due?

  2. Sondos Elbershawi says:

    When is this due?

  3. Sylvia C says:

    What do you mean by rough draft, the rough draft without any peer edit markings?

  4. Andrea Mejia and Brittany Maynard says:

    Mr. Millers!!!!

    It’s Andrea Mejia and Brittany Maynard from class of 2009! We are sitting at the library going through our middle school teachers and wanted to say hi. It’s been so long. We are about to graduate college! Looks like you’re still assigning these hard projects.

    Anyways, hope you’re doing well!

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