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Islam Essay Packet

The order for the Islam Essay Packet (you do NOT need a Table of Contents): 1. Graphic Organizer 2. Outline 3. Peer Edit – Outline 4. Rough Draft 5. Peer Edit – Rough Draft

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Africa Mural

Directions for African trading-cities-mural, oral presentations start Monday November 14.

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Islam Essay

Islam Essay is due Sunday on Your packet will not be due until the end of next week. Attached is writing-tips-for-history from class today for word economy.

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Islam Essay

Full outline due tomorrow. Attached is the embedding quotes, the-quote-sandwich handout.

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Islam Essay

Because I was out at a district training today, we will not start the Islam Essay until tomorrow. If you have not registered for yet please do so ASAP. There is no homework for tonight.

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Arabian Peninsula Circle Book

arabian-peninsula-circle-book-rubric due Tuesday October 11.

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Graphic Essay

the-fall-of-rome-graphic-essay directions. For tonight all you need to do is select your three reasons so we can work on your thesis tomorrow.

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Rome to Home

Directions for rome-to-home , due on Monday.

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Native Tribe Mural

Indian Trading Cities Mural directions are attached.

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Reconstruction Essay Packet

Please include a title page: 1. Reconstruction Prompt 2. Introduction Paragraph Outline 3. Body Paragraph Outline 4. Thesis and Outline Peer Edit 5. Introduction Paragraph 6. Introduction Peer Edit 7. Body Paragraphs 8. Body Peer Edit

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