Africa Mural

Directions for African trading-cities-mural, oral presentations start Monday November 14.

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12 Responses to Africa Mural

  1. Daniel Y. says:

    I noticed in the directions it said you only had to write a paragraph about the first three sections, which were trade, clothing, and city. But some examples had written a paragraph about geography. Is a geography paragraph required?

  2. Ian N says:

    How long do the paragraphs have to be?

  3. Ian N says:

    Thanks Mr. Millers

  4. Ian says:

    Is there a time requirement for the presentation?

  5. Geneva Green says:

    I do not see the turn in spot for the paragraphs on, what should my group and I do?

  6. Daniel Y. says:

    Does one person turn our paragraphs in for the whole group or do we all turn them in?

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