NHD – Night at the Museum

Attached is the Flyer 2015 for Thursday night. Hope to see everyone there.

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NHD Turn in Procedure

For Monday:
1. Documentary: turned in during your history period either on a disc or flash drive with your paperwork.
2. Exhibit: turned in before school in the MPR with your paperwork.
3. Paper: turned in during your history period.
4. Website: turn in and email a paper that has your name(s), period, title and url.

For all paperwork: remember title page needs to include word count. Order is title page, process paper and then annotated bibliography.

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Japan Jeopardy

Attached is Jeopardy-Japan, notebook due tomorrow.

Part 2 will be the map:
Label the Following on the map (2 points each)
Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu, Edo (Tokyo), Mt. Fuji, Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan, East China Sea, and Sea of Okhotsk.

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Japan Lecture

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Japan Review

Attached is the Japan Review sheet, Japan notes will be posted this weekend.

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Kabuki Drama

Kabuki Dramas explanation from class, presentations start next Thursday.

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China Book and NHD

China Book is due tomorrow. you will need to submit your bibliography and note-cards on NoodleTools and your writing on Turnitin.

For NHD your paperwork is due tomorrow (Title Page, Process Paper and Annotated Bibliography).

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China Jeopardy

Attached is the Jeopardy-China, China notebook due tomorrow.

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Noodle Tools

A message about Noodle Tools from Mrs. DeLap:
Since the district now pays for noodle tools, student log in the same as they log into the school computers. The first time they log in they are asked to put in their initials and the last 4 digits of their phone number.

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China and Geography Tests

China Test is next Thursday, China Review attached. Geography test is next Friday, World Geography Review attached.

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