Geography and Life in Arabia

Read Chapter 3 Section 1 and take notes.

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Islamic Empire Map

The Rise of Islam Map is due tomorrow.

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National History Day

Attached is the PowerPoint for History Day Orientation. Remember to go over with your parents.

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Graphic Essay

Attached is the Rome Graphic Essay Rubric. For the project remember to include:
1. Title
2. Thesis
3. Topic Sentence (three total)
4. Concrete Detail (graphic) with caption (three total)
5. Commentary- describing how the topic caused the fall (three total)

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Rome Test Review

Attached is the Jeopardy -Rome. Remember notebook is due tomorrow.

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Rome Review

Attached is the Rome Review, we will discuss in tutorial on Wednesday.

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Rome Eulogy

Section I: Summarize the fall of the Roman Empire. Provide a minimum of three supporting details or reasons why Rome “died”.
Section II: Highlight the achievements of the Western Roman Empire. Discuss at least five significant accomplishments.
Section III: Discuss the ways in which the legacy of the Western Roman Empire influences the community today. Provide at least three examples.

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Traders and Invaders

1. How did the Romans profit from their empire?
2. What caused the barbarians to attack the Roman Empire?
3. How did you feel as you watched the Romans lose control of their empire?
4. Why do you think it was so easy for the barbarians to take control of different parts of the Roman Empire?
5. What do you think Rome’s leaders could have done to preserve their empire?

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Fall of Rome – Graphic Essay

Need to complete your Topic Sentences for the graphic essay for class tomorrow.

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The Byzantine Empire

Read Chapter 2 Section 3 and take notes.

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