Oral Report

Oral Reports on your President start on Monday. They must include: (should be 1-2 minutes)
i. Historical Era
ii. Strongest Character Trait
iii. Weakest Character Trait
iv. Evaluation of his Presidency

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Presidential Essay

You need to be working on your Presidential Essay, the first paragraph. Your final draft will be due on Monday September 7 on Turnitin. Please create your account now. The website is http://turnitin.com/ Please use your school email and make sure your account has your full first and last name.

The password for all classes is: svhistory
Class ID:
Period 1: 10516957
Period 2: 10516985
Period 3: 10517017
Period 5: 10517021
Period 6: 10517058

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Summer Assignment

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I have been getting questions and concerns about the summer assignment. You should read one Presidential Biography (you choose the President) and study the States and Capitols. Do NOT write the essay! We will work on the essay and edit once school starts in August.

Attached is the Summer-assignment-2015.

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NHD Theme 2015-16

The theme for NHD next year is Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.

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World Trade Faire

Activity Time Allowed
Attendance and set-up 7 minutes
Parade of Flags, pledges/songs 10 minutes
Trade Session 25 minutes
Clean-up 8 minutes
Total 50 minutes

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You need to bring a device for kahoot review tomorrow.

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Enlightenment Review

Enlightenment Review

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Maya, Inca, Aztec Jeopardy

Jeopardy-Maya, Inca, Aztec

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Inca Notes

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Geography Final

Attached are the:
Geography Final Study Guide
World blank map
Americas blank map
Europe Asia Africa Blank Map

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