Islam Review

Attached is the Islam Review for the test on Friday.

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Islam Essay

Rough draft of Islam Essay is due Friday. Attached is the MLA format 2014 directions.

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Islam Essay – Outline

The outline for the Islam Essay is due tomorrow so we can peer edit in class.

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Contributions of the Muslim World

Attached is the PowerPoint for Contributions of the Muslim World.

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You will need to create a student account on, link below:
You will need Class ID and Password. Password for all classes is svhistory, Class ID below:
Period 1: 8870209
Period 2: 8870219
Period 3: 8870224
Period 4: 8870234
Period 6: 8870243

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Islamic Empire Lecture

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Cultural Achievements

Read Chapter 4 Section 3 and take notes.

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Muslim Empires

Read Chapter 4 Section 2 and take notes.

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Arabian Peninsula –Four Environments

You will be displaying the four environments of the Arabian Peninsula. For each environment you must write a summary describing the environment and the adaptations made. This summary must be at least three-five sentences.

Along with each description you must draw one or more pictures to accurately depict that environment. Drawings are to be hand drawn – should be sketches and can be pencil.

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NHD Thesis

Attached are the directions for writing your Thesis for NHD. Thesis is due October 24.

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