Textbook Return

Textbooks are due to the library on Thursday June 2. Please bring your textbook to call on Thursday.

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Native Tribe Mural

Indian Trading Cities Mural directions are attached.

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Reconstruction Essay Packet

Please include a title page:
1. Reconstruction Prompt
2. Introduction Paragraph Outline
3. Body Paragraph Outline
4. Thesis and Outline Peer Edit
5. Introduction Paragraph
6. Introduction Peer Edit
7. Body Paragraphs
8. Body Peer Edit

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Henry Wirz Court Case Questions

Court Case Wirz questions due Monday 5/16.

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Reconstruction Essay

Introduction paragraph due tomorrow for peer edit.

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Reconstruction Notes

Reconstruction Era.

Culture Model

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Gettysburg Address

Watch the video below and then answer the following questions:
1. How does Lincoln move us from the beginning of our country to the future of our country in this speech?
2. In this speech the word slavery is never used, but make an argument that President Lincoln is talking about abolishing slavery in the speech.
3. How does President Lincoln argue that, despite the lives lost, the Civil War is worth fighting for?

Matthew Pinsker: Understanding Lincoln: Gettysburg Address (1863) from The Gilder Lehrman Institute on Vimeo.

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Emancipation Proclamation

Write a paragraph explaining how opinions about emancipation changed from 1861 to 1863 when the Emancipation Proclamation took effect.

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Civil War Battles

Choose the battle that you feel was the most significant. In one paragraph describe the battle and why you feel it was the most important (both for the actual War and lasting impact).

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Fugitive Slave Trial

Fugitive Slave Trial Questions (Attorneys do not answer any questions, Judge only answer 5 and 8)
1. What was the most damaging evidence against the defendant?
2. What was the significance of the “power of attorney” and the “federal warrant”?
3. What was the significance of Bushnell’s actions in Oberlin prior to the actual rescue?
4. Why do you think it was unwise to have the defendant testify?
5. Do you think the Judge was being biased by allowing a jury of known Democrats?
6. Should a person be allowed to commit a crime when the motive is to save someone’s life or well-being?
7. Was the Fugitive Slave Law on trial or the defendant? Explain.
8. What was the biggest mistake the defense made? What was the biggest mistake the prosecution made? Did they affect the outcome of the trial?
9. Was there any evidence that might have been introduced that would have influenced the outcome of the trial?
10. Do you think the trials of the Oberlin rescuers had an impact on the coming American Civil War? Why or why not?

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