Textbook Return

Textbooks are due to the library on Thursday June 2. Please bring your textbook to call on Thursday.

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Socratic Seminar and Geography Final

Must have signed Release of Liability to participate on Thursday June 2.

Attached is Geography Final Review for Test on Friday June 3.

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America As a World Power Jeopardy

Jeopardy Industrial Revolution.

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Test Review

Attached is the America Review Sheet.

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Native Tribe Mural

Indian Trading Cities Mural directions are attached.

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Reconstruction Essay Packet

Please include a title page:
1. Reconstruction Prompt
2. Introduction Paragraph Outline
3. Body Paragraph Outline
4. Thesis and Outline Peer Edit
5. Introduction Paragraph
6. Introduction Peer Edit
7. Body Paragraphs
8. Body Peer Edit

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Henry Wirz Court Case Questions

Court Case Wirz questions due Monday 5/16.

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Reconstruction Essay

Introduction paragraph due tomorrow for peer edit.

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Jeopardy Review

Jeopardy Civil War & Reconstruction.

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Reconstruction Notes

Reconstruction Era.

Culture Model

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