China Jeopardy

Attached is the Jeopardy-China, China notebook due tomorrow.

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Noodle Tools

A message about Noodle Tools from Mrs. DeLap:
Since the district now pays for noodle tools, student log in the same as they log into the school computers. The first time they log in they are asked to put in their initials and the last 4 digits of their phone number.

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China and Geography Tests

China Test is next Thursday, China Review attached. Geography test is next Friday, World Geography Review attached.

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Processing 18

For Processing 18 do NOT complete on a separate sheet of paper, just complete the three remaining sections.

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Imperial China

1. How did it feel to be the Emperor? A Chancellor? A wealthy person? A scholar? A relative of the emperor?
2. How did the Emperor decide who would be his/her chancellors?
3. What were the main arguments for the scholars being best suited to act as government officials? For the wealthy? For relatives of the Emperor?
4. How did you feel about the Emperor’s decision?
5. Which group do you think should be eligible for government positions? Why?
6. Under what circumstances do you think it is wise for a ruler to choose relatives to help him rule? The wealthy? Scholars?
7. Why was it unrealistic for the Emperor to choose only one group?

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China Lecture Notes

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Trade and Commerce

Attached are the Trade and Commerce questions from class today, you will have some class time tomorrow to finish or you can finish tonight.

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China Book

Attached are the directions for the China Booklet that we will be starting in class tomorrow. You will need to use NoodleTools for this project (see attached NoodleTools).

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China Map

Need to complete China Map for homework.

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Rough draft of bibliography due tomorrow with outline/blue print. Must have a title page with:
Name (s)
After title page should be outline/blue print and bibliography (15-20 sources) at the back.

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