Rough draft of bibliography due tomorrow with outline/blue print. Must have a title page with:
Name (s)
After title page should be outline/blue print and bibliography (15-20 sources) at the back.

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Africa Jeopardy Review

Attached is Jeopardy-Africa, notebook/packet is due tomorrow.

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Africa Mural Presentation

There is no specific guideline for the presentation. You just need to cover all the sections, and it does not need to be memorized.

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Africa Test Review

Attached is the Africa Review for our test next Friday.

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Africa Lecture

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Gold and Salt Trade

1. How did it feel to be a Soninke Monarch? Soninke Warrior? A North African? A Wangaran?

2. What were the basic needs of the three groups? What was the most difficult about fulfilling your group’s needs?

3. Which group accumulated the most pairs of gold and salt tokens? How did they do this?

4. Why couldn’t the North Africans and the Wangarans conduct trade without involvement by the Soninke?

5. What factor(s) might have destroyed the Soninke’s – and later the leaders of Mali and Songhai – control of West Africa’s gold-salt trade?

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Chapter 6

Read Chapter 6 Section 1 and take notes.

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Africa Mural

Attached are the directions for the Trading Cities Mural, presentations will be on Monday 11/17.

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Islam Essay – Packet

1. Graphic Organizer
2. Outline
3. Peer Edit – Outline
4. Rough Draft # 1
5. Peer Edit # 1
6. Rough Draft # 2
7. Peer Edit # 2

Final Draft due Friday by midnight on turnitin.com

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Islam Essay

Need to bring a clean copy of your essay on Monday.

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