Islam Jeopardy

Notebook is due tomorrow, jeopardy-islam is attached.

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Islam Review

The islam-review for the Islamic Empire Test (test is next Friday 10/21)

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History Alive Online Book

We have been selected to pilot the online version of the textbook. You will need to create your own TCI accounts.

To create your account:
Go to
Then click on the purple “Student Sign In” button in the upper right corner and create your account.
You need:
My email address (
Class name (The Medieval World and Beyond)

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NHD Workshop at UCI

If you are interested in attending one of the two workshops October 26, 2016 or November 9, 2016 see the atatched flyer and sign up. They are free!


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Islamic Empire Lecture

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Islam Essay

Because I was out at a district training today, we will not start the Islam Essay until tomorrow. If you have not registered for yet please do so ASAP. There is no homework for tonight.

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Arabian Peninsula Circle Book

arabian-peninsula-circle-book-rubric due Tuesday October 11.

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You will need to register for to submit all writing assignments. Class ID and password information below. Please make sure you register for your period only.

Period 1:
Class ID: 13640959
Password: svhistory

Period 3:
Class ID: 13640985
Password: svhistory

Period 5
Class ID: 13696995
Password: svhistory

Period 6
Class ID: 13697010
Password: svhistory

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Rome Jeopardy Review


Notebook due tomorrow, check Table of Contents tab for order.

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Rome Review

Thursday Tutorial will be Test Review, rome-review for test on Friday.

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