Maya, Inca, Aztec Jeopardy

Jeopardy-Maya, Inca, Aztec

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Inca Notes

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Geography Final

Attached are the:
Geography Final Study Guide
World blank map
Americas blank map
Europe Asia Africa Blank Map

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Aztec Notes

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World Trade Faire

Attached is the World Trade Faire Student Packet 2015 handout.

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We will start weaving this week, all you need to bring is a piece of cardboard (4 x 6 inches).

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Life Under Inca Rule

1. How did it feel to be a person in the quarters? A leader in the quarters? A governor? The Sapa Inca? A Chosen Woman?

2. For the group(s) who accepted/resisted Inca demands, why did you do it? What were the advantages of acceptance? Disadvantages?

3. Given the extent of the Inca Empire, what groups would most likely succeed in resisting?

4. What could groups have done who were being conquered other than resist or submit?

5. How did the Inca leadership style help expand and maintain the empire?

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Maya, Inca, Aztec Chart

Attached are the Chart directions. You will need a bibliography (does NOT need to be annotated).

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Maya Lecture

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Attached is Jeopardy-Scientific Revolution and Age of Exploration.

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