End of the Year

Goodbye to the SV Class of 2014! I have enjoyed having all of you so much and wish you the best moving forward! Have a great summer!

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Last day of School

Grades are up except for participation. Participation grades will go up tomorrow. Please bring your envelop and forever stamp tomorrow for your self letter.

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Socratic Seminar

You will need tot turn in your packet on Monday. The order should be:
1. Gospel of Wealth
2. Document A-E
3. Your questions (for Chinese Third Industrial Revolution and EPA article)
4. Observation form (the one you completed)
5. Debrief Questions

Attached are Socratic Seminar Debrief questions.

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National History Day

Group Documentary made finals. Congratulations to Kiana Wang, Justin Yee, and Rebecca Yu! We get final results on Thursday.

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America as a World Power Test

Attached is Jeopardy Industrial Revolution for test tomorrow.

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America as a World Power

Attached is the America Review Sheet. Test is next Thursday June 12.

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Geography Final

You will have three maps tomorrow: two political maps (with state outlines) one for states and cities and one for geographic features; and one outline map for the territorial acquisitions.

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Native Tribes

Attached is the Indian Trading Cities Mural from today.

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Geography Review

Attached is the Geography Final for the geography final which will be Friday May 30.

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