Attached is Jeopardy-Scientific Revolution and Age of Exploration.

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Test Review

Attached is the Scientific Revolution and Age of Exploration Review.

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Machiavelli Packet

1. CHoMP Article
2. Rough Draft
3. Peer Edit

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Age of Exploration Timeline of Key Discoveries

Choose the five most important discoveries for entire period
• Rank them one through five
For each you must include:
• Name of explorer who made the discovery
• Country exploring for
• Name of discovery
• Date of discovery
• Importance of discovery

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Machiavelli Summary

Your summary must include:
State the main ideas of the article.
Identify the most important details that support the main ideas.
Write the summary in your own words except for the use of one quote maximum. If you choose to include a quote, it must be embedded properly.
Express the underlying meaning of the article, not just the superficial details.

how to write a summary

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Explorer Project

Explorer Group Project directions attached, due Monday March 30.

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CHoMP Directions

CHoMP Instructions for Students:
1. Cross out small words, such as prepositions (in, on, over), articles (a, an, the), and conjunctions (but, and, or, nor, so).
2. Highlight important words (nouns/verbs), but do NOT highlight over twenty percent of the article.
3. Make notes in your own words based on the highlighted information. Write using abbreviations (NO full sentences). You can use symbols or drawings to represent main ideas.
4. Summarize the passage using only your notes (not the original article).

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NHD Extra Credit

You can earn extra credit for your GATE World History class by attending the County Competition at the Orange County Department of Education on Saturday March 14. See map__directions_to_ocde. You will need to watch an entry be judged (live judging only for Documentary and Performance) that is not from Sierra vista. The judging will take place from 9:30 AM -12:30 PM. After watching the judging process you will need to complete a one page write-up. Writing directions attached History Day Extra Credit.

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Renaissance and Reformation Jeopardy

Jeopardy-Renaissance and Reformation attached, notebook and test tomorrow.

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The Spread of Protestantism Notes

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